KUCCC knew a child care center would meet the child care gap in our community.

KUCCC approached the Kenesaw United Methodist congregation about acquiring their building when it was learned they were considering closing. The congregation was ecstatic about the legacy of their church living on in a facility dedicated to Kenesaw’s children.

The church and conference were extremely generous with the sale of the building and a $110,000 donation towards the child care project.  The church is in great condition and is ideally located just two blocks from the school and one block from the city park.

In order to keep Kenesaw thriving and a desirable place to live, the lack of child care options has to be addressed. The new child care center would be the answer and positively affect the whole community


We are working with CMBA Architects in Grand Island.  We have developed a safe, nurturing, stimulating, secure, and fun plan to transform the church into a quality early childhood facility for Kenesaw.  Check out the renderings:


Some of the changes to the outside of the building include:

  • Demolition of current entryway staircase and rebuilding an easier staircase along the front of the building
  • Improve landscaping and curb
  • Create parking stalls in front for parent parking
  • An innovative, nature-based play space outdoors (fenced in)
  • We will retain the current siding and windows

Infant Room

The former church sanctuary will be transformed into three separate classrooms for our youngest ones.  The infant room will have space for up to 8 infants, includes cribs, age-appropriate play areas, changing table, rocking chairs, bottle prep area, and much more.

Junior Toddler Room

When a little one starts walking and being more mobile, they will move to our junior toddler room.  This room will have lots of room to play, learn, nap, and its own bathroom for when the child is ready.

Toddler Room

This will be our largest classroom and will be geared toward older toddlers and younger preschool-aged children.  Lots of room to play, learn, move, and grow.  This room also has it’s own bathroom for little ones to use.


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